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Minami Con 2017 (Southampton - UK)

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Posted By: Joe

Minami Con 2017

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Where is it?

Novotel Hotel
1 West Quay Road
S015 1RA
United Kingdom

Longest running Anime & Japanese Culture convention in the UK
For Fans by Fans

Konnichiwa! We're Minami Con, a family friendly anime and Japanese culture convention. Our founders started the con to promote the cuter side of anime at a time when only more adult themed anime was available in the county. Over the years, the convention grew to also include highlighting various aspects of Japanese culture.

Each year, we tend to centre the convention around a genre/theme. The next Minami's theme, which was the most popular in the voting poll on our Facebook page is Fantasy!

What started as a con with 4 video rooms showing anime, a pub quiz, masquerade, karaoke, artist alley, dealer's room and a games room has developed to be more events focused where we keep padding out our schedule with a huge range of panels, workshops, games, competitions and highlight events through the efforts of our wonderful volunteers.

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