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Tokonatsu 2017 (Bedfordshire - UK)

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Posted By: Joe

Tokonatsu 2016

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Where is it?

Boyd Campsite and Activity Centre
Church Road

SG16 6AR
United Kingdom

The Tokonatsu Camping Japanese Culture, Anime and Manga Festival is being held between Friday the 4th of August and Monday the 7th of August 2017 in the beautiful setting of Bedfordshire, England! During your experience at Tokonatsu you will be pitching your tents along side fellow fans, enjoying the food, events, cosplay and much, much more.

Tokonatsu is a unique festival within UK anime scene in which we all gather to enjoy Anime, Manga and Japanese Culture in the great outdoors. At Tokonatsu there will be a variety of events including, Cosplay Masquerade, "The Quiz", DDR, Traditional Gaming, a Japan-themed Matsuri and the always popular Otaku Royal (both versions!).

The festival is open to all ages, though under 16's will require parental consent before they can attend and those under 14 will need to contact our registrations officer. Parental consent forms will be sent out after you register.

We are the only convention in the UK that can boast a campfire each night and parties under the stars. Packed with a host of unique events and characters, Tokonatsu 2017 would love to welcome you to the family. We hope to see you there!

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