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Yorkshire Cosplay Con 2018 (Sheffield - UK)

Start Date: 02 June 2018
End Date: 03 June 2018
Country: United Kingdom
Posted By: Joe

Categories: Convention Anime Cosplay Fandom Meetup Release

Where is it?

FlyDSA Arena
Broughton Lane
S9 2DF
United Kingdom

Summery of the convention
Yorkshire Cosplay Con is annually held in the Doncaster area and we are proud to say that we are Yorkshire's favourite Anime, Comic Book, Cosplay, Sci-Fi and Video Gaming convention. This Doncaster convention has attracted hundreds of attendees each year and the convention continues to grow stronger each time.

Activities at the convention include a variety of contests, meeting new people, Mixture of Japanese/English Music, traders, Artists, Special Guests, workshops, card-gaming, trading, video gaming, karaoke, live entertainment and more!

About us
On the 21st February 2010, Kitty Furniss had an idea to host a convention by herself that would unite all geeky fans of Anime, Comics, Cosplay, Sci-Fi and Video Gaming together in the area. Its name was to be the 'Yorkshire Cosplay Con,' or 'YCC' for short.

There were several reasons for why the idea came about but it was mainly from Kitty's curiosity of how many people in Yorkshire liked the same things as her because she was a loner and longed to make friends that share her interests. So she decided to set up a Facebook account under the name 'Yorkshire Cosplay Con,'. From day one it attracted hundreds followers on and which soon turned into thousands.

Being 19-year-old university student at the time, no one took her idea seriously but by believing in her dream of uniting all the fans together, she managed to pull off a successful turnout. Not only did this Yorkshire convention attract local attention but nationally too as people from as far out as London, Scotland and even Ireland attended to show their support to this growing convention.
In addition, we have had a lot of interest from the local press such as BBC Sheffield Radio, The Star Newspaper and The Doncaster Free Press, who has interviewed YCC many times over the conventions.

Yorkshire Cosplay Con plans to continue its aim of uniting all fans together in Yorkshire and surrounding areas. However, it's not just geeky fans that are welcome to join in the fun but fans of alternate fashion such as: Steampunk, Gothic, Japanese Lolita Style and more!

So remember, Yorkshire Cosplay Con is for EVERYONE and EVERYONE is welcomed with open arms to join in the madness!