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B: The Beginning + Director Q&A (Glasgow - UK)

Start Date: 13 October 2018
Start Time:
Country: United Kingdom
Posted By: Joe

Categories: Screening Anime Film

Where is it?

Glasgow Film Theatre
12 Rose Street
G3 6RB
United Kingdom

The Royal City of Cremona's beautiful archipelago is darkened by the shadow of a brutal serial killer, known only as 'Killer B' due to the distinctive calling card he leaves at the scene of his crimes. With the royal police force struggling to hunt down Killer B, they turn to the enigmatic and eccentric detective Keith Flick to unlock the secrets of this case. However, the returning detective arrives with no shortage of baggage of his own, and the truth behind the murders drags him and his colleagues into a dangerous, conspiratorial world that is stranger than any of them could have imagined. But is Keith Flick's brilliant mind alone enough to catch the killer? In the brash and outspoken young detective Lily Hoshina, he may have met his equal and seeded the origins of an unlikely partnership...

This special event screening of the opening episodes of B: The Beginning will be followed by a Q&A session with the series director, Kazuto Nakazawa.

120 minutes
Rated 15