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ROLL OVER AND DIE: I Will Fight for an Ordinary Life with My Love and Cursed Sword! (Manga) Volume 1 (Manga) US Release Details

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Release Date: Tuesday, March 30, 2021
RRP: $12.99 (USD)
Rating: Teen
Company: Seven Seas Entertainment
Country: United States
Posted By: Joe

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Release dates are likely to change, this release has been rescheduled.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

A dark and bloody manga series about two women fighting fate and finding love in each other-and don't miss the original light novels, also from Seven Seas!

To vanquish the increasingly powerful Demon Lord, divine revelation ordained a party of heroes, each blessed with a unique power. That spelled trouble for Flum Apricot, a total weakling of a girl who has no idea what her power of "Inversion" even does. Betrayed and left behind with a wretched slave trader who enjoys nothing more than seeing his merchandise fight for their lives, Flum thinks all hope is lost-until she gets her hand on a massive, cursed sword. Finally, after so many years, she understands the nature of her power, and both she and her new companion Milkit are about to experience a huge "Inversion" of their fate!