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Hunter X Hunter - Set 2 (Blu-ray) UK Release Details

Hunter X Hunter - Set 2 (Blu-ray) UK
Release Date: 01 February 2021
RRP: £39.99 (GBP)
Company: Manga Entertainment UK
Country: United Kingdom
Posted By: Joe

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In the Fourth Phase of the Hunter Exam the participants must steal ID badges from each other and anyone without enough badges at the end of one week fails!

It will take trickery, unexpected alliances, and careful negotiations for Gon and his friends to succeed.

In the Final Phase, the remaining Hunter candidates are matched up for one-on-one battles but the only way to win this fight is to lose! After the exam, Gon discovers that Killua has gone back home, so he and his friends head to the Republic of Padokea to find him.