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Kill la Kill Collection (Blu-ray) UK Release Details

Kill la Kill Collection (Blu-ray) UK
Release Date: 22 February 2021
RRP: £59.99 (GBP)
Rating: 15
Company: Anime Ltd
Country: United Kingdom
Posted By: Joe

Categories: Release Blu-ray Retail

The smash-hit television series from the acclaimed Studio Trigger (PROMARE, B.N.A. Brand New Animal and Darling in the FRANXX) is finally available as a complete collection for the first time in the UK!

Synopsis: Honnouji Academy - where the school is ruled by students clad in special outfits called Goku Uniforms. Deriding the student body as 'pigs in human clothing' Student Council President Satsuki Kiryuin, along with her loyal underlings, the Elite Four, has the academy under their absolute control.

One day, a vagrant schoolgirl named Ryuko Matoi appears and tries to get Satsuki, who recognizes her Scissor Blade, to talk. Was their encounter a mere coincidence or fate? The clash between the two will soon consume the whole academy!

On the discs: The entire 24 episode TV series + OVA episode 25 on Blu-ray with both English and Original Japanes with English subtitles viewing options.

On-Disc Extras:
• Clean Opening and Closing title sequences
• Clean ending for episode 24
• Kill la Kill Digest: Naked Memories By Aikubo Mikisugi
• Previews

Packaging and Physical Contents: Comes pack in a rigid case. Inside that are three amaray cases holding the included 5 Blu-ray discs.