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Bleach Set 3 (Blu-ray) US Release Details

Bleach Set 3 (Blu-ray) US
Release Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2017
RRP: $54.97 (USD)
Rating: TV-14
Company: VIZ Media
Country: United States
Posted By: Joe

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It's Soul Reaper against Soul Reaper as captains Ukitake and Kyoraku face punishment from Head Captain Yamamoto. Yoruichi encounters her former subordinate Soi Fon in a deadly battle, while Ichigo struggles to survive his own fight with Captain Byakuya. Meanwhile, Captain Hitsugaya and Rangiku break into Central 46, but they're not alone!This set includes: 4 Disc Set, 28 Episodes (56-83), English and Japanese Stereo 2.0 Audio, 4x3 Video, and English Subtitles.Special Features: Art Gallery, Clean Opening and Endings, Bonus: Behind the Scenes of Bleach (interviews with English cast), and Kon's U.S. Tour.