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Imaginary Solutions (London - UK)

Start Date: 15 November 2019
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Country: United Kingdom
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Imaginary Solutions

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Where is it?

The Horse Hospital

United Kingdom

Press release as follows:


Friday November 15th


Colonnade, Bloomsbury
London WC1N 1
£8/6 concessions


In troubled times of impossibly complex problems, new, radical, weird perspectives are required to imagine equally impossible solutions. Drawing on arcane anglo-Japanese folk entanglements, the hypnosis of late night TV, and crowd-sourced dream journals, this night secreted right in the dark heart of the metropolis attempts to divine new perspectives via the exploratory physicality of Butoh and the weirder underside of experimental music.

Imaginary Solutions is a collaboration between the Tokyo-based Butoh dancer/martial artist Takahiro Tomatsu, and the acclaimed London-based experimental music ensemble ARCO, led by composer performer Neil Luck.
Butoh is a form of Japanese avant-garde dance, exquisitely pinioned between traditional and contemporary philosophy and art forms. Takahiro Tomatsu is an acclaimed practitioner based in Tokyo.

An intense and ambitious new international collaboration in one of London's most idiosyncratic independent venues, Imaginary Solutions set out to fashion strange new tools for strange new futures...

N.B. The performers will also hold a free, open rehearsal on the day at 4:00pm, at the performance venue.

Performers include:
Takahiro Tomatsu / Dance
Neil Luck / Voice
Adam de la Cour / Voice, guitar, film
Tom Jackson / Reeds
Chihiro Ono / Violin, viola
Benedict Taylor / Viola, voice
+ special guests tbc

Takahiro Tomatsu is an acclaimed Butoh dancer and marital artist based in Tokyo, Japan.
His performances range from solo dance works, to complex and immersive performance installations, to performances with leading avant-garde musicians. Notable collaborations include a long-term duo partnership with legendary free-jazz pianist Yosuke Yamashita.

ARCO is a London based experimental music-theatre ensemble. Directed by Neil Luck, ARCO is a group of leading musicians and artists from a range of musical and artistic disciplines and backgrounds exploring alternative approaches to live performance practice as a starting point for creating music theatre events. These are characterised by a radical mix of influences colliding experimental music, concrete poetry, mime, slapstick, B-Movies, and experimental film.
Neil & ARCO have produced work for a wide range of leading arts institutions, galleries and music institutions around the UK and overseas including Aarhus European Capital of Culture, the BBC Proms, Tokyo Experimental Festival, Tate galleries, BBC Radio and London Contemporary Music Festival.