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Dreamcast15 Anniversary at REZtron (London - UK)

Start Date: 27 November 2013
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Country: United Kingdom
Posted By: Joe

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Where is it?

Hoxton Pony (basement REZtron)
104-108 Curtain Road
United Kingdom

LONDON, ENGLAND (November 13th, 2013) REZtron Ltd., today announced it will be hosting yet another console Anniversary themed event.This time it will be filled with nothing but Dreamcast games...

Having hosted Mega Drive's 25th Anniversary event last month REZtron's fifth 'retrotainment' of the year will take place once again at the award winning The Hoxton Pony cocktail bar, from 5pm til 11pm on Wednesday 27th November.REZtron will give centre stage to yet another iconic and pioneering console of the yesteryears.The 15th Anniversary of the SEGA Dreamcast....

The console that's still pretty much alive 15 years on, having a handful of games released this year alone by indie devs such as RedSpotGames,Hucast Games and NG:DEV.TEAM to name a few it proves that there's still a lot of love for the 128-BIT beauty years after the console's official commercial life span.

The celebration of the world's first internet-ready console that was released in Japan on November 27th 1998 will fittingly host 15 legendary games throughout the night on gorgeous CRT TVs and on a projector,including games such as House of the Dead 2,Virtua Tennis,Rez,Ikaruga,Soul Calibur, Crazy Taxi 2, Power Stones, Shenmue and maracas action with Samba De Amigo to name a few..

There will also be competition running on Shenmue's mini game 'QTE Title' during the first half of the night,with prizes to give away.

To keep things true to REZtron's retrotainment spirit there will be some 80s/90s Karaoke kicking off on the MEGA-CD Karaoke system just after 9pm.

The '128-BIT retrotainment' will take place on Wednesday 27th November, 5pm till 11pm. Tickets can be booked through Eventbrite, Dreamcast15.eventbrite.co.uk

As always, anyone who comes dressed in gaming or anime inspired Cosplay will get in FREE

For more information on REZtron's events or for private bookings please visit reztron.co.uk or email info@reztron.co.uk

For up to date news on our retro geekery please follow us on Twitter @theREZtron and also on facebook.com/theREZtron

About REZtron

Established in June 2013, REZtron is a pop-up retrotainment brand inspired by the fusion of 80's chic, Japanese Otaku culture and retro games.


About The Hoxton Pony
The Hoxton Pony is a late night award winning cocktail bar in the heart of Shoreditch owned by renowned entrepreneur Gerry Calabrese. Unique cocktails mixed with a modern interior, cutting edge design and high grade music programming, has gained the venue a reputation as one of the leading bars and most exciting nightspots of the East End.
Celebrating the 5th birthday this year, The Hoxton Pony are offering 2for1 on all cocktails,Tuesday - Friday between 5.00pm and 9.00pm.