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Naruto Shippuden Complete Movie Collection (Blu-ray) AU Release Details

Naruto Shippuden Complete Movie Collection (Blu-ray) AU
Release Date: Wednesday, 15 April 2020
RRP: $59.95 (AUD)
Rating: M
Company: Madman Entertainment
Country: Australia
Posted By: Joe

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Release dates are likely to change, this release has been rescheduled.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Get your kunai sharpened and your ninja scrolls ready for an epic Naruto Shippuden movie collection!
Join Naruto and his friends for all 8 unique big screen adventures.

Special Features

- Opening and Closing Songs
- Trailers
- Promotional Videos and Commercials
- Music Videos
- Message from Masashi Kishimoto
- Interview with Junko Takeuchi
- Art Galleries
- Production Art
- Storyboards
- Naruto and the Three Wishes
- Chunin Exam on Fire! Naruto vs. Konohamaru!
- The Day Naruto Became Hokage