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Trigun Movie: Bandlands Rumble (DVD) UK Release Details

Trigun Movie: Bandlands Rumble (DVD) UK
Release Date: 12 November 2012
RRP: £19.99 (GBP)
Rating: 12
Company: Madman Entertainment
Country: United Kingdom
Posted By: Joe
Trigun Movie: Badlands Rumble Trigun Movie: Badlands Rumble Trigun Movie: Badlands Rumble Trigun Movie: Badlands Rumble Trigun Movie: Badlands Rumble

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Fast sell:

LOVE AND PEACE! It's been over a decade since pacifist gunslinger Vash the Stampede last rode off into the sunset, but now Trigun's legendary outlaw is back and causing more chaos than ever! Set on the sci-fi Wild West world of Gunsmoke, the new Trigun: Badlands Rumble movie sports big budget visuals and scintillating action scenes while staying faithful to the characters that Trigun fans all know and love.

Key talent:

Unlike some reboots, Trigun: Badlands Rumble embraces its heritage: Madhouse once again handles the production; Satoshi Nishimura, who helmed the original TV series back in 1998, returns to the director's chair and many of Trigun's Japanese voice cast reprise their roles. Even the English dub gets in on the act, with Johnny Yong Bosch returning to star as the show's iconic hero Vash.


20 years ago, laid-back sharpshooter Vash the Stampede foiled a bank heist by notorious thief Gasback but also saved him from his own double-crossing henchmen. Now Gasback is in Macca City once again, eager to settle scores with his former gang - one of whom has become the town's mayor. But while the master criminal finds an ally in trigger-happy preacher Wolfwood, the 300 million double-dollar price on Gasback's head also attracts a horde of heavily-armed bounty hunters.

Amongst them is the redheaded Amelia, a gunslinger with a grudge against Gasback ...and an unwanted admirer in the shape of doughnut-loving disaster magnet Vash the Stampede. Add gun-toting insurance agents Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson into the mix, and the scene is set for a showdown of epic proportions. Vash's deadeye marksmanship and lightning fast reactions may belie his goofy exterior, but can even The Humanoid Typhoon bring love and peace to Macca City?

We like it because:

We've been hoping for the return of Trigun for years and Badlands Rumble doesn't disappoint; with glorious gunplay, gorgeous visuals and inventive character design, the feature-length reboot certainly puts its big screen budget to good use. Newcomers will dig the stylish action scenes and sci-fi Western vibe, while there are enough callbacks and cameos to satisfy any veteran of the original show.

Hot Quotes:

"With a film sized budget behind it, there's no surprise that Badlands Rumble looks wonderful." ANIMENEWSNETWORK.COM

"Experience the return of an anime masterpiece." DVDTALK.COM

"Visually speaking, the movie is a treat." JAPANCINEMA.NET

Editor's Notes:

Previously best known as Adam Park in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Johnny Yong Bosch began his prolific anime career as the voice of Vash the Stampede - a role he reprises in Badlands Rumble.

The feature-length Trigun: Badlands Rumble is neither a sequel nor prequel to the show it is based on; the events of the film are set between episodes 9 and 11 of the original Trigun television series.

Trigun is based on a manga by Yasuhiro Nightow, who is also acclaimed for his character design work for PS2 shooter Gungrave ...which itself received a Madhouse-produced anime adaptation in 2003.