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Berserk of Gluttony (Manga) Volume 4 (Manga) US Release Details

Berserk of Gluttony (Manga) Volume 4 (Manga) US
Release Date: Tuesday, December 21, 2021
RRP: $12.99 (USD)
Rating: Teen
Company: Seven Seas Entertainment
Country: United States
Posted By: Joe

Categories: Release Manga Retail

Translation: Amanda Haley Adaptation: Sophia Tyrant Lettering: Arbash Mughal

Hungry for Blood

Fate is headed to Galia, where mighty monsters and a reunion with Roxy await. He's joined by a mysterious woman who also possesses a deadly skill-Wrath. For the first time in his life, Fate has an ally to fight beside him. But will this be enough to survive against his increasingly formidable foes? Or will Fate's ever-growing hunger finally consume him?