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Pretty Boy Detective Club (manga), volume 2 (Manga) US Release Details

Pretty Boy Detective Club (manga), volume 2 (Manga) US
Release Date: Tuesday, October 12, 2021
RRP: $19.95 (USD)
Company: Vertical Inc
Country: United States
Posted By: Joe

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Mayumi Dojima has just become the newest member of the

when her first challenge as Mayumi the Seer literally falls into her lap: a suspicious businessman drops a wad of counterfeit bills on the sidewalk, and suddenly the games are afoot! At a shady casino operating out of their rival high school's gymnasium, the Pretty Boys encounter a fiendish new foil-leading to a nail-biting showdown between beauty and fraud... And just when things seem to have quieted down, a chance discovery in the art room leads the Pretty Boys to 33 mysterious paintings, and a bizarre kidnapping that took place at Yubiwa Academy seven years earlier-?!