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Three Exorcism Siblings Vol.1 (Manga) US Release Details

Three Exorcism Siblings Vol.1 (Manga) US
Release Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2024
RRP: $12.99 (USD)
Company: Titan Comics
Country: United States
Posted By: Joe

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In the mountains above Japan, Mamoru Yamaemori spends his days tending to his family shrine, fighting Tengu- monsters who feast on human flesh-and, making sure his two younger brothers will never have to pick up his mantle. Unable to escape the life forced upon him by his parents and a dark ritual involving Tengu blood, all he knows is that his existence is a curse: he is destined to die young in the service of others.

But to fight monsters, Mamoru must dance that line between loving older brother and mindless beast - or else he risks becoming that which he is sworn to destroy.