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Hiro Mashima's Playground (Manga) US Release Details

Hiro Mashima's Playground (Manga) US
Release Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2018
RRP: $19.99 (USD)
Rating: Young Adult
Company: Kodansha Comics
Country: United States
Posted By: Joe

Categories: Release Manga Retail

Hiro Mashima is known worldwide as the star creator of Fairy Tail, Rave Master, and Monster Hunter Orage, but he's also (somehow) found the time to write a wide variety of short story manga, too! This collection includes eight never-before-seen tales from the master of shonen manga - almost 400 pages of new adventures!

Includes eight stories:




  Fairy Tail




  The Adventures of Plue Part 2


  Bad Boys Song


  Magic Party


  Xmas Hearts


  Fighting Force Mixture<