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Tomahawk Angel Volume 2 (Manga) US Release Details

Tomahawk Angel Volume 2 (Manga) US
Release Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2024
RRP: $14.99 (USD)
Rating: 16+
Company: Dark Horse Comics
Country: United States
Posted By: Joe

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In the year 2050, a ruined world is overrun by monsters and humanity is on the verge of extinction. An 18-year-old amnesiac seeks answers to her past, and uncovers the dark history of this corrupt new world, and her role in it. Is she a savior or does she have more in common with the monsters themselves? Tomahawk Angel Volume 2 is available in print for the first time, written and drawn by celebrated creator Odysseas Theodoratos (aka Mangaka Ody), as part of the new collaboration between Dark Horse and Tapas Entertainment.

ISBN-10: 1-50673-847-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-50673-847-5